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Dil Raju Not Keen On Distribution Business

Dil Raju has started off his career as a distributor before venturing into film production. He continued as a distributor although he is extremely successful as a producer.

He remains to be the top distributor in Nizam area to date. He bought the Nizam distribution rights of most of the high budget films. 

There was a time when he was considered as the lucky hand as most of the films distributed by him were super hits.

Later on distribution business turned out to be a huge gamble as new distributors entered the foray and made it unreasonable with ridiculous offers. Dil Raju survived despite the competition and made some wise choices by betting big on a few promising films. 

However his success rate as a distributor dipped down lately that he decided to take a break from distribution business. He is rather concentrating on his own production than gambling upon others films now. There are more than ten films in the pipeline on SVC as of now.

Dil Raju has launched five films already and planning to start many more within a few months. Let’s see if his latest plan to make more films yield fruitful results or not.



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