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Did Rajamouli Really Design Mahishmati?

Did Rajamouli Really Design Mahishmati?

It is quite common that if a film becomes a super hit, the credit would automatically goes to the director. He definitely deserves wide appreciation for giving a shape on the silver screen to a dream theme.

That is what S S Rajamouli did. He translated an imaginary visual into a virtual reality on the silver screen. For that, he got both name, fame, appreciation and money. But that does not mean Rajamouli was the only person who was responsible for the visual grandeur.

And it is all the more ridiculous to engage his services for the designing of government buildings in Amaravati, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh. It is, in fact, an insult to the powers-that-be.

Architecture is a professional course and one has to study for years to get expertise and skill in designing constructions. No big building can be constructed without being designed by an architect.

Even Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu might have consulted a professional architect, not a film director, to design his house at Jubilee Hills.

Even KCR has engaged an architect for the re-construction of Yadadri temple. In future, Rajamouli might also go in for a construction of his residential building and he would definitely consult a professional architect but would not design his own building.

Did Rajamouli really give life to the imaginary city of Mahishmati in Baahubali? No doubt, he visualised the city, but he did not draw the city plan.

Scores of artistes gave the sketches for the imaginary city, as per the suggestions of Rajamouli and the computer graphics were designed by expert Shibu Soril. And finally, expert graphic engineers brought the imaginary designs on the silver screen. All that Rajamouli did was to supervise whether the graphics were as per his visualisation or not.

If Chandrababu Naidu was so fascinated by the designs of Baahubali, he should have consulted the graphic artistes who actually made the sketches for the imaginary city of Mahishmati and taken their help to draw the designs for Amaravati. But it was definitely not appreciable to make the ministers and officials to sit in front of Rajamouli to learn about the designs for Amaravati. Does it not amount to insulting the professional architects?

But who will bell the cat? The media keeps silent, since the readers are crazy about Rajamouli and would love to see him in news. So, they would just carry the news and cannot tell the government that it is wrong. And people are also fascinated to know that their favourite director Rajamouli is designing even the capital. And professional architects can’t do anything except laughing among themselves.



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