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Dhruva Trailer: Charan Will Leave You Stunned

Dhruva Trailer: Charan Will Leave You Stunned

Ram Charan is back with a BANG! Theatrical trailer of his upcoming action packed thriller Dhruva is more than impressive.

Director Surender’s stylish shot composing and the brilliantly choreographed action scenes will leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

People who haven’t seen the original (Thani Oruvan) will be intrigued and the ones who has seen it will be impressed.

The trailer sets right expectations on the movie by revealing the premise of it. It will be pretty clear for everybody of what to expect out of this film.

Video: Click here for Dhruva Trailer

Ram Charan’s six pack abs and his stylish look as the cop is one of the striking elements of this trailer. The actor is looking so handsome and powerful.

Seems like there are a few changes have been made to the original to suit Ram Charan’s image. On a whole it is a very good trailer that will ensure a huge opening. Brace yourselves! Dhruva is coming on December 9.



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