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Despite No Films, Akhil Gets 1 Million Followers

Despite No Films, Akhil Gets 1 Million Followers

Although Akhil Akkineni is having turbulence in personal life, the young actor of Akkineni family is enjoying good following on social media.

He has not tasted success yet on professional front. His second film is taking forever time to hit the floors.

Despite being at a low point in personal and professional life, the star has got fans that believe in his popularity and stardom.

On twitter, he has now exactly one million followers. Hence he thanked the fans saying he is not treating them as followers but believers.

While industry folks are sceptical of his talent, his followers are lending him support. He tweeted, "Thank you so much to all my believers ! Not my followers but my believers. For encouraging me and supporting no matter what. 1 million, wow!"

The engagement of Akhil Akkineni and Shriya Bhupal was recently called off. After this, he went in hibernation for sometime but he has now become active on social media and regularly tweeting.

He will also be launching his second film tentatively titled "Junnu" next month. 



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