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Critics' Take On Tholi Prema

Critics' Take On Tholi Prema

The Hindu: Debut director Venky Atluri’s rom-com builds its tempo gradually and before you know it, sweeps you off your feet.

The writer-director gives us 2018’s first memorable Telugu film, packing in solid performances and nuanced writing.

Hindustan Times: Varun and Raashi are like a house on fire. They are terrific in their respective roles, playing their parts convincingly and with maturity.

After a long time, it was amazing to see Raashi in a meaningful role and not in one that expects her to merely look glamorous.

The Indian Express: Venky unapologetically explores all the tropes of the romantic genre to take the narration of ‘can’t live without you, can’t live with you’ forward.

He has also got the mood, setting, tone, and texture of a feel-good romantic comedy right. Even as he has fully relied on overused plot devices of the romantic comedy genre, Venky makes the film work and keeps us entertained.

The News Minute: The love story also delights because there are no happy coincidences that are usually the hallmark of wannabe love-musicals.

All in all, Tholi Prema will easily be the new-age love story of the year, giving us a new prince and princess charming, who are only going to grow in stature with time. From the responses that the film has been garnering since it hit the screens, one can fathom the huge following that Varun Tej enjoys down south.

The Hans India: Toli Prema is one film that enables the audiences to celebrate the love once again in a fresh way.

The film offers a new feel for the movie lovers when they come out of the theatres. While the first half of the movie looks youthful, the second half of the film concentrates on impressing the family audiences. There is good emotional content in the second half.

With great performances, fantastic music, proper technical output, Tol Prema movie is a perfect entertainer this weekend.

Deccan Chronicle: Love, break-up and reunion is not a new point but the direction and sequences here follow a different line. Venky has tried to make his debut an entertaining one.

The director has made a sincere attempt to make the scenes fresh and appealing.

Times Of India: The best part of the film is its relatable storyline. Gone are times when love was perceived as something unselfish and flawless with only an evil entity standing in between the individuals in love.

While many might call the concept of a lovers' tiff predictable, the fact that 'Tholi Prema' focuses on the human side of love, sets it apart.



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