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Controversy Over Prabhas' Remuneration

Controversy Over Prabhas' Remuneration

Bollywood kingpin Karan Johar had a huge role in making Baahubali 2 a national success. Well, given the film's huge success, Karan Johar decided to make a film with Prabhas. And the Baahubali star quoted a cool Rs 20 crore for the film.

Now, all actors die to work with Karan Johar and here Karan Johar was wanting to work with Prabhas. But due to high remuneration, Karan Johar simply dropped the idea of working with Prabhas.

The entire episode became big news and various stories have emerged wherein people were supporting Prabhas. There were other stories doing rounds about the remuneration charged by Bollywood stars.

Judwa 2 hero Varun Dhawan charges Rs 25 crore. Even Ajay Devgan who has average success rate charges Rs 23 to 25 crore. Now, Karan Johar is no novice.

Instead of making films with such stars, making a film with Prabhas will be profitable, since he can make huge monies not only in north India, but also in south India.

Also, Prabhas hasn't hiked his remuneration for Karan Johar. He simply asked the money that he was taking for his latest film Saaho. In fact, Prabhas has been getting support from various quarters.

But knowing Karan Johar, one can understand that he will not step back. He would rather consider working with Ranbir Kapoor who charges Rs 25 crores, Ranveer Singh who charges Rs 20 crores and Shahid Kapoor who charges Rs 18 crores.

While making a film with Prabhas would have helped Karan Johar cash in on the success of Baahubali, Karan Johar quietly chose to opt out.

Being a shrewd businessman, Karan surely knows how to play the game.



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