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Comedy Punches in Agnyaathavaasi Trailer!

The theatrical trailer of "Agnyaathavaasi" is getting ready. Trivikram is planning to release the trailer days before the movie release. It is expected to hit the Youtube during first weekend of January.

Sources inform us that the trailer will further raise the hype around the film. In the two-minute trailer, enough comedy punch dialogues are being included.

The trailer is being cut in a way that highlights the movie's basic story and entertainment values.

Sources say Trivikram has written different kind of punch dialogues this time. Catchy and comedy dialogues are going to be seen as a sample in this theatrical trailer.

Trivikram and his team are so confident that the movie would set new records. Pawan Kalyan has sung a song called "Koduka Koteshwaara Rao" in "Agnyaathavaasi" and this song will be released on 31st December night. 

More than Rs 130 cr is riding on this movie and Pawan Kalyan needs to deliver this time. Though Pawan Kalyan made money on his previous movies, the distributors had incurred heavy losses. 



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