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Comedy Heroes Losing The Market!

Comedy Heroes Losing The Market!

Sunil and Allari Naresh had delivered big hits with their comedy movies in the past but both of them are currently having trouble in their careers. Sunil and Allari Naresh are now losing their market.

Other than “Sudigadu” that was released in 2012, none of Allari Naresh’s movies in the last four years have crossed Rs 10 Cr share.

Last year’s “James Bond” was only average grosser for him. Recent release “Selfie Raja” also tanked at the box-office and left the distributors and producer in losses.

Allari Naresh has two movies on the sets with which he is hopeful of reviving his career.

On the other hand, Sunil is also struggling to be back on the right path. Both “Mr.Pelli Koduku” and “Krishnashtami” were disasters.

His recent release “Jakkanna” brought some relief with good openings but it may not become hit. The film has raked in 6.5 Cr share worldwide for the last 4 days. Still it needs another 4 Cr to get break-even.

Sunil has delivered movies that collected Rs 20 Cr -25 Cr but now his films are struggling to rake in Rs 10 Cr. So his market has fallen drastically. Sunil is putting his next hopes on director Veeru Potla who is making “Veedu Gold Eh” with him.

Both Allari Naresh and Sunil need boost to their career.



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