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'Comedian' Haunting 'Hero' Sunil

It is not easy for an actor who has done so many films as a comedian to turn into a successful commercial hero.

Sunil proved successful as a hero but unable to overcome his past image. People are still expecting to see Sunil in comedic roles. 

Sunil wants to turn into a full-fledged commercial hero but audience are not encouraging his attempts like Krishnashtami. They either want to see him as a comedy hero or a comedian.

They are saying this straight at his face! Sunil must be feeling awkward when his ‘fans’ tell him to switch back to comedy characters. 

Sunil is handling such remarks in a matured way on Twitter. He is not losing cool over comedian comments and is saying that he would take up such roles if something interesting comes in his way.

It must be hard for Sunil as he is desperately looking for a break as serious action hero.



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