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Chill Thatha, Vijay Devarakonda Tells VHR

Young hero Vijay Devarkonda gave a cheeky reply to Telangana congress leader V Hanumantha Rao.

The congress politician made hue and cry over Arjun Reddy's posters on RTC buses and tore them as he felt they are obscene and would spoil the youngsters.

The poster depicts hero Vijay Devarkonda planting a kiss on the lips of heroine. Senior congress leader VHR criticized KCR's government for allowing such posters on RTC buses.

His objection and his dharna has widely been reported giving free publicity to the film.

Vijay Devarkonda posting the photo of VH tearing the posters of "Arjun Reddy" replied - "Chill Thathayya".

This is probably a daring and funny reply from a young hero to a political leader.



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