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Charan Sets Deadline For Director

Charan Sets Deadline For Director

A new bit of gossip is doing rounds in T town. Well, on the face of it, it seems to be unbelievable, but apparently, it is said to be true.

It all started due to delay in production. While films of others heroes and directors are getting ready rather quickly, Ram Charan is said to be miffed with the delay in production of Rangasthalam 1985.

In the process, the producers are the most troubled as they have to shell out lots of money as interest.

So, Ram Charan has decided to speed up the production work and set a deadline for director Sukumar. Apparently, Charan told Sukumar to finish the film by November. He also declared that he will not be giving dates to the film after that.

From December, Charan will be busy with his production Sye Raa and the film needs his total commitment.

Now, it remains to be seen if Sukumar will meet the deadline or if Ram Charan extends the deadline.

Some songs need to be shot for Rangasthalam and it is unlikely that Sukumar will complete the film by November. This in turn will surely affect the pre-production work of Sye Raa.

Surely it is a case of wait and watch. We will keep you posted.



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