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Charan Scores Over Allu Arjun

The popularity of Allu Arjun has grown hugely after a series of hits, but Ram Charan hasn't delivered big hits in recent times. Still, Ram Charan has created huge buzz around his movie than Allu Arjun, this time around.

“Rangasthalam” has already struck a chord with moviegoers and those on social media as the film’s teasers are cool and the recently released song is very melodious.

The first song “Yentha Sakkagunnave” from “Rangasthalam” has got more than a million views and the number is only increasing.

On the other hand, “Lover Also Fighter Also” from Allu Arjun’s “Naa Peru Surya” is struggling to get views.

So far, “Lover Also Fighter Also” got a mere 1.4 million views compared to nearly 4 million views of “Yentha Sakkagunnave”. Even people’s verdict seems to be in favour of “Rangasthalam”.

There is also talk that some of Charan's fans got miffed with the team of “Naa Peru Surya” as they released this song just few hours after the song of “Rangasthalam” got released. But Allu Arjun’s team quickly responded and deleted the song and posted it a day later.



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