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Charan and Upasana's Special Celebrations

Ram Charan and his wife Upasana have been married for five years but they continue to bond like a newly-wed couple, setting major relationship goals for other T town couples.

Well, at least that's the impression one gets when one sees how Upasana and Charan take off on holidays together, throw family get-togethers and visit temples.

Although they had a love marriage, it is only after marriage that Ram Charan and Upasana have been spending a lot of time together in public space and expressing their love and affection on social media.

Upasana has been updating private photos of Charan regularly. And now Ram Charan has taken a cue from his wife and is doing the same.

It is an open secret that Upasana handles all business affairs of Ram Charan and she has also hired a social media PR team for Charan.

There was a time when Ram Charan was known as a star with lots of attitude. But now, he is a changed man! Upasana is said to have changed him to be friendly with everyone.



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