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Captivating First Glimpse of Spyder

Captivating First Glimpse of Spyder

First glimpse of Mahesh Babu's upcoming spy thriller Spyder will leave its viewers awestruck with slick visuals and a stunning background score.

Murugadoss didn’t give any clues about the plot but made sure to give a glimpse of the look and feel of the movie.

Mahesh seems to be on a mission and his revealing shot where he silences the digitally ‘transformed’ spider will give goose bumps to his fans.

Murugadoss is known for making plot-driven films with loads of heroism, which is why his films work across A to D centers.

Spyder is releasing in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam along with the Telugu version.

Tacky graphics aside, it is sure going to grab eyeballs of every movie lover across the nation. Only a handful of teasers could generate this amount of interest and intrigue.

Spyder will strike the screens on September 27, 2017.



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