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Can Trivikram Put Him Back On Track?

Can Trivikram Put Him Back On Track?

Star comedian turned hero Sunil had great success at the beginning as the lead actor. However, he ran out of luck pretty quickly and made some horrible choices with the scripts that affected his career a lot.

All of Sunil’s recent films turned out to be big flops at the box office.

After krishnashtami, Eedu Gold Ehe and Ungarala Rambabu, Sunil suffered yet another disaster with 2 Countries. It is heading for a huge disaster at the ticket window.

It is a non-starter and likely to become the biggest ever flop in Sunil’s career. Sunil’s hopes of bouncing back as hero have dried off with the miserable failure of 2 Countries.

Producers are not coming forward to invest in Sunil’s films at the moment. Sunil has already decided to switch back to comedian roles and is looking forward for a grand comeback.

He will be essaying a fulltime comedian role in Trivikram’s next film featuring NTR in the lead. Sunil’s best friend Trivikram played a big role in making Sunil a star comedian.

Can the star director put his friend back on track and make him busy again?



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