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Can The Social Media Be Stopped?

Recently, Tamil actor Vishal made a suggestion to critics that the review of a movie should not be written until the movie has run for at least three days in the theatre. This suggestion was welcomed by Rajnikanth also.

On the face of it, this is not a bad idea. But it is important to relies here that even if the critics do not review the movie for three days, the same cannot be expected of the social media.

A movie’s fate is more or less decided during the morning show or premier show itself thanks to constant updates by audience on Twitter, Facebook etc.

Now, these are common people doing the updates and there is no way they can be restrained. Besides, this proposal might work in Tamil Nadu where small films generally do not have a release problem.

But imagine if nobody reviews a movie like Pelli Choopulu on Day 1. By Day 3, the movie would be out of theatres because small films have a very short shelf life at theatres and rely very much on good word-of-mouth and positive reviews.

No system is perfect; each comes with its own set of pluses and minuses. As one director said, “Reviews are a necessary evil.”



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