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Can Surender Reddy Dare Do This Project?

Can Surender Reddy Dare Do This Project?

Surender Reddy has been making movies with star heroes like Bunny, Charan and NTR, who are the hot favourites of many directors.

Even though Kick-2 was a flop, the success of Race Gurram and the ongoing film Dhruva with Charan have kept Surender Reddy among the top of the directors in Tollywood.

At a time when his journey is so smooth and on a high, the question is whether he will dare do an experimental film with an upcoming hero like Nikhil Gowda.

This actor, who happens to be son of former Karnataka chief minister H D Kumara Swamy, was introduced to the Telugu and Kannada audiences with his latest film “Jaguar.”

He has made an announcement that his next film is going to be directed by Surender Reddy.

It is really surprising to know that Surender Reddy, who is doing a film with star hero like Charan at present, will do his next venture with budding star like Nikhil Gowda.

This hero has a big political background, no doubt, but he could not get good marks as an actor with his first film, despite the fact that it had a very good story and script.

Apparently, Nikhil has thought he could make it big in the film industry by spending money in a big way and engaging star directors.

It is not yet known whether Surender Reddy has given his consent to do the film with Nikhil. If he really has agreed for the project, the only reason would be huge remuneration. And that is what the Tollywood sources believe.



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