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Can Sukumar Make A Universal Film?

Theme poster of #Charan11 is undoubtedly impressive and has raised expectations on the film. Director Sukumar is known for making different movies with unconventional characters. We can rest assured that Sukumar is going to present Ram Charan in an all new avatar.

It is every actor’s dream to work under Sukumar as he challenges them with his characterizations. However, Sukumar was unable to make a movie with universal appeal post Arya.

His movies of late are more like intelligent puzzles that only appeal to niche audience. Sukumar tried to tone it down in Nannaku Prematho, but that still had a few problems with his over intelligent treatment.

#Charan11 is going to be a wholesome entertainer sans Sukumar’s intelligent games and puzzles.

As per industry buzz, it will have unconventional characters and situations, but there won’t be any mind bending scenes like in his recent films.

Sukumar is trying to make a film with universal film in his style. Can the genius director keep the common audience in mind and deliver a universally appealing entertainer?



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