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BUZZ: What Is The Final Censor Talk of Baahubali?

Unlike the general trend, ‘Baahubali’ has completed its censor formalities twenty days before release date. A week has passed by, now everyone in the film industry is discussing about the outcome of the ‘Baahubali’.
Will it be worth all the hype surrounding the film? What are the major highlights? Will it stun the audiences the way Magadheera did? Questions like these are buzzing over Whatsapp and the complete story of the movie is also being shared right now.

Although the censor formalities were completed a week ago, the real talk is surfacing finally with affirmation.
General talk from the Censor is that ‘Baahubali’ will further cement Rajamouli’s number one position in the industry. Buzz in filmnagar is that the real matter lies in the second half of ‘Baahubali’ that has emotional sequences with stunning action pieces.
They also say Prabhas has done right thing by allotting two years of his time to the movie as Rajamouli showcased him in a manner no hero in South India was presented like that way. 

The fans of Prabhas will surely be happy after the release! The Bollywood version of ‘Baahubali’ has not completed its formalities as dubbing work is still going on. 



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