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Buzz: Not A Natural Star Anymore!

Buzz: Not A Natural Star Anymore!

Nani has become a bankable star among the mid range heroes and is currently enjoying top place in the mid table with a series of super hits. He has solid market in Nizam and overseas and is steadily growing remaining areas.

After turning a star with family and romantic entertainers, Nani is now looking to penetrate into the masses by doing action based films. Any actor should have good following in B and C centers to become a superstar.

Rumor has it that Nani is demanding for more action in his upcoming films to ensure more mass appeal. He is very much obsessed with this that he is reportedly suggesting many changes to the scripts to give space for action.

This is the reason why Nani turned down Kishore Tirumala’s Chitralahari film as the director was reluctant to give it an action touch.

The director has written a feel good love story that has little space for action, but Nani has reportedly asked to include a couple action episodes in the second half.

As the director and actor didn’t come to an understanding, the project has now landed in Sai Dharam Tej’s hands.

SDT who is looking for an image makeover has lapped up Chitralahari immediately without suggesting a single change.



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