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Buzz: Akhil Hits Bull's Eye

Buzz: Akhil Hits Bull's Eye

His latest trailer looks like that of an action film. When a director like Vikram Kumar handles a project, then the film is bound to up the expectations.

When his first film did not work at the box-office, Akhil realized that he has to be more careful about the nitty-gritty of film-making. Similarly, his dad Nagarjuna too realized that Akhil needs to be advised once in a while.

Though the Akkineni prince was in great hurry to do his second film, he slowed down eventually and the final decision was taken by both Akhil and Nagarjuna.

There was a huge hunt for a director for Akhil's second film. In fact, many in the Annapurna compound were on the work and were churning out stories.

A film with Hanu Raghavupudi was almost on the cards, but he was dropped in the last minute for Manam director Vikram Kumar. Now, Vikram Kumar is no small guy, having made interesting films in the past.

The audience expected that he would make a class film or an experimental film. However, once the teaser was out, it is clear that it is an action film.

The Akkineni fans are ecstatic as the film's action stunts look straight out of a Hollywood film.

Nagarjuna too is expressing confidence about Akhil becoming a star with his next. All the excitement shows that Hello has turned out real good.



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