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Breaking: Offended Pawan Kalyan Leaves Wedding

Breaking: Offended Pawan Kalyan Leaves Wedding

Pawan Kalyan was left offended. The incident happened at the wedding reception of NTV Chowdhary's daughter.

As per those present at the wedding, the whole ceremony was a lavish affair with the who's who attending the wedding. Governor, CM, Chiranjeevi, Ramoji Rao, YS Jagan were among those who came in to bless the couple.

So, what went wrong? Well, it is being said that Pawan took offence for no fault of the hosts. It was mere coincidence that Pawan happened to come to the venue at the same time as CM KCR. Naturally, as per protocol, others were made to wait. Since this took long, Pawan was miffed and turned back immediately, much to the shock of those present.

Now, when the CM is attending an event, certain protocols are imminent. For someone wanting to get into politics, Pawan should have been aware of this. Still, he lost his patience and went away, leading to gossip among those present.

In the movie world, he is nothing short of a demi-god. People die to get a glimpse of him. But in the outside world, there are some protocols which need to be followed. 

May be, the media baron would call him up and express regrets!

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