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Boyapati Is Feeling 'Mega' Heat

When you sign a film with the mega camp, then rest assured that no matter what you do as a director, there is no way that you can give them a bad story and get it approved.

Well, Boyapati is presently feeling the pressure of coming up with an almost perfect script for Bunny’s film.

Already, producer Allu Arvind has made it clear that he won’t compromise on the story following the ‘not so exciting’ performance of S/O Satyamurthy. Apparently, after the success of Attarintiki Daaredi, they didn’t bother too much about SOS and though the film has managed to chug along, it surely is not a sensational hit.

So, now the mega camp is very clear that it will not compromise on sloppy work. It is being said that Allu Arvind was not happy with half an hour story before the climax and he has told so to Boyapati.

Since he has no shooting, Bunny too has gone off for his summer vacation. So the latest talk is that Boyapati is once again busy trying to come up with an alternate track to impress Arvind.

Well, it is this precision that ensures that almost all films on Geeta Arts Banner are hits.

Another guy who learnt the same lesson the hard way was Etv Prabhakar who climbed his way up from small screen to big screen. When he narrated one line story, it was okayed instantly, but when he returned with the dialogue version, it was instantly rejected. So, his story is where it began.

So anyone wanting to make a film for Geeta Arts is now clear that they have to have a sure-shot hit story with them before they go to the big boss.



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