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Bollywood Media's False News About Prabhas

Bollywood media has developed a fascination towards our Tollywood star Prabhas as they have been writing something or other about him on daily basis.

This is a proud moment for Telugu cinema that a Telugu star is regularly being covered by national and Bollywood media.

As there is huge craze for Prabhas in North India post the massive success of "Baahubali 2", the Hindi cinema media websites are updating news about Prabhas regularly.

But what is worrying aspect is that they are dishing out lot of misinformation and false news about him.

Bollywood media recently wrote that Prabhas got engaged to Anushka. Two days after this report, same media came up with the news that he broke up with Anushka and is going to be engaged to a new girl.

Now, the same media is writing that Prabhas is now taking Rs 80 to Rs 100 Cr as remuneration in Tollywood. Such ridiculous news is being written about.

Sources say Prabhas is worrying about false reports about his earnings and personal life.

Although he is enjoying the coverage in national media about his films, he believes that this false information may boomerang in future.



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