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Biggest Flop Ever in RGV's Career

Biggest Flop Ever in RGV's Career

Of late, Ram Gopal Varma is in very poor form as a director that he couldn’t even execute a plan successfully let alone making a successful film.

He is known for making movies with bad ideas, but he had been successful with his publicity gimmicks thus far.

Even the ‘master of controversies’ couldn’t execute his plan successfully now. RGV made a fool out of himself by directing Sri Reddy’s ‘MC’ controversy.

He planted the idea of abusing Pawan Kalyan in Sri Reddy’s mind so that she could become a bigger star. Apparently he took inspiration from Kathi Mahesh’s episode and loosely inspired from Arjun Reddy’s craze.

RGV might have executed it better if he is in good form as a director, but his ideas and execution are so stale lately that he couldn’t help Sri Reddy to execute it in a better way.

Adding to it, Sri Reddy’s bad acting skills didn’t help. RGV just wanted her to abuse Pawan, but didn’t tell her how to open and close the scene. So Sri Reddy did it in her own style. 

She started abusing PK out of nowhere and for no reason. The reason for her anger was downright stupid as she told that PK advised her to file a complaint with the police.

“What’s wrong in it? Any person with a sane mind would suggest the same” was the reaction from media as well as general public.

The idea of abusing Pawan Kalyan to gain extra mileage in media has backfired big time and in turn Sri Reddy also lost the sympathy that she gained post to ‘strip stunt’.

Sri Reddy turned villain from hero in a matter of minutes as her agitation appeared like personal vengeance against Pawan Kalyan. All her fight against Casting Couch seemed like a reason to lock horns with and degrade Pawan.

Even the staunch supporters turned against Sri Reddy and she was forced to apologize to Pawan Kalyan. Things turned even worse for RGV that he had to come out and admit that he was the director for this whole MC drama.

It is very evident that Sri Reddy has some solid proofs against RGV to prove his role in the incident that he had to shoot a couple of videos and make Sri Reddy a hero and himself a joker.  

RGV’s current form as a director is sending shivers down the spines of Akkineni fans as he made Officer movie with Nagarjuna in this state of mind.

The teaser of Officer was so bad and already killed the little interest that fans had over it. If there were a few optimists hoping that RGV would bounce back with Officer might have given up on him after seeing his MC drama ending up huge flop.



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