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Bigg Boss: NTR Charms But An Unexciting Start

NTR Jr. is very lively and energetic in the intro episode of Bigg Boss Telugu. Tarak is at home even though it is his first show as a Television host.

There’s no sign of rigidness in his body language. However, NTR will not be running the show. He won’t be appearing in every episode.

It is the contestants who will run this show and the list of fourteen contestants isn’t exciting enough.

People expected to see popular celebrities in the first season, but the choice of contestants is a bit of disappointment as the audience may find it difficult to choose who to root for.

A couple of little known contestants make it all the more unexciting as they could be the first to get eliminated.                                                

It would have been spicier if there are a couple of frontline celebs or controversial figures in the lineup. It is only the introduction episode and the real reality show starts today.

We will know who have come well prepared for it only after the real show starts.



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