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Bigg Boss Is Not For Busy Actors

When news came out that NTR will be hosting Bigg Boss, there was general curiosity about the participants.

The all-India version has been a hit and the contestants have created quite a flutter. So, the Telugu version too had generated lots of curiosity.

But when the show began, there was disappointment about the participants as none of them were known either in films or on telly. In fact, barring people like Dhanraj, one barely knew the artistes or singers in the show.

Talk is that while the show-makers were keen on roping in big names, both on telly and in films, the artistes sweetly refused to be part of the show citing date issues.

The show requires the participants to holed up in the Bigg Boss house for nearly 70 days and this will mean losing out on call sheets elsewhere for top television and film stars. So, the makers finally roped in unknown names.

But now, there is a new version to this. It is being said that the makers have a strategy in mixing and matching the contestants.

Getting hardly known small-time artistes creates some sort of confusion in the minds of audiences and this will generate curiosity. This will keep the audience guessing, say the show's makers.



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