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Before Trailer, VR Promotion for Baahubali 2

Date for teaser launch of "Baahubali 2" has not been fixed yet. Buzz is that the delay in graphical work is the reason for not confirming the date for trailer. Though there is hardly two months time for the movie's release, Rajamouli is yet to cut the final trailer. Still work is going on. 

But the team doesn't want the promotional activity be delayed. So, they are going to showcase the teaser of The Sword Of #Baahubali across Andhra Pradesh from 17th of this month.

This teaser of the Sword of Baahubali is nothing but one-minute clip of virtual reality version of Baahubali set. Viewers with the VR headset can experience being on Mahismati sets 

Almost in all the towns and cities in Andhra Pradesh and in Telangana, this teaser will be screened at selected movie theaters. This way, the team wants the buzz about the movie stay all the while. 

When will the trailer of "Baahubali 2" come out? Rajamouli wants to show the trailer to Karan Johar before fixing the date. All in all, it may come in 10 days or before March. 



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