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Beaten Dialogues Even In Teasers!

Of late, Telugu films seem to be completely lacking originality. Some film makers are cleverly getting away with remakes of other language films; while others are making films with old stories that were once popular.

While Tamil directors are storming the Tollywood with their dubbed films like “24,” Telugu film makers are facing the bankruptcy of new ideas and new concepts. In fact, dubbed versions are doing better in Telugu industry than the original Tamil films. But our so-called creative directors are running around old themes, despite knowing the pulse of the audiences!

In the latest film “Babu Bangaram,” an old film dialogue was used in the teaser. The dialogue “Ayyo, Ayyo, Ayyayyo” was uttered by Venkatesh in his hit film Bobbili Raja. It became a catch phrase those days and became very popular. Now, the same dialogue is said to be the highlight of Babu Bangaram, which is being extensively used in promotion of the film.

Hitherto, we have heard about remix of songs and stories. Now, it is the turn of dialogue remixing as part of marketing technique. What a tragedy!



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