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Bangalore Days Remake Shelved

Bangalore Days was one of the biggest hits of the Malayalam cinema in recent times. The movie ran for weeks in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Youth in all metros in South liked the movie despite the language barrier. Seeing the craze for the film, production house PVP Cinema bought the remake rights for Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages.

They wanted to make the film in Tamil with one set of actors and with another set of actors in Telugu in association with Dil Raju. But the Telugu version is not happening now.

Dil Raju has dropped the idea of remaking it in Telugu as he felt it would be tough to recreate the same feel in the local language. But the real reason was that he backed off when two of the stars close to him refused to do the movie.

Now, Bangalore Days is being remade in Tamil language only by PVP Cinema and it will eventually be dubbed into Telugu. The movie features Rana in prominent role and Sri Divya plays the heroine.

Bommarillu Bhaskar is directing this romantic drama.



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