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Balakrishna Remixes Rajinikanth's Movie!

Balakrishna Remixes Rajinikanth's Movie!

The story of Nandamuri Balakirshna's upcoming movie "Jai Simha" is said to be a rip-off of Rajinikanth's super hit movie "Muthu".

Rajinikanth became a favourite with Japanese audiences with the film. The Japanese version released in 1998 and became a great success in Japan. 

K S Ravikumar, who directed "Muthu", is said to have used the same plot for his film with Balakrishna. Except for minor changes, the basic story will be the same, say sources.

However, Nandamuri Balakrishna's characterization will be different from Rajinikanth's.

Recently released theatrical trailer of the movie didn't generate much interest among the general audience as it is too massy. Will the old plot appeal to new-age audiences? 

"Jai Simha" features Nandamuri Balakrishna and Nayanathara as the lead pair. It also has Hari Priya and newcomer Natasha Doshi as heroines.

The film is scheduled for release on January 12.



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