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Baahubali Is The Greatest, But Conditions Apply

You may like or dislike Baahubali movies, but it will remain in history as the first Telugu film to take pan India appeal.

It is the first Telugu film to beat Bollywood records and the first Indian film to gross over Rs. 1000 crore.

Thanks to its popularity across the nation, Baahubali also won the National award as the best feature film.

With so many firsts to its credit, is Baahubali the best Telugu film ever? More than fifty percent participants agreed that Baahubali is the greatest, but nearly half of them denied.

Poll: Is Baahubali The Greatest Telugu Film Ever?

“Baahubali is the greatest Telugu film if its box office performance is the parameter. But if you consider other aspects like story, screenplay and direction, it is not even close to the classics like Mayabazar, Lava Kusa and DVS Karna,” opined many.

Although Baahubali isn’t a perfect film, it has that magical appeal to it that has struck a chord with audiences across the nation.

It has not only created records in Telugu states but also in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and North India, which makes it pretty clear that there is something ‘great’ about it.

Many films from South India were dubbed into Hindi before, but only Baahubali could reach unprecedented heights.



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