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Baahubali Edited Version To Release In English

With Dangal turning out to be a stupendous hit in China, makers of Baahubali are hoping that their film would get similar reception in international markets.

Baahubali got superb coverage in international media that it has caught the attention of film lovers across the globe.

Arka Mediaworks is reportedly planning to combine both the parts of Baahubali into one by editing out all the songs and trimming certain portions and release a 150 minute version in English to make the most of the international markets.

Chinese and South Korean cinema regularly makes movies like Baahubali that do well in international circuits.

As per sources, internationally renowned editors will be hired to shorten Baahubali into a 150 minute version without missing the soul and feel of it.

Baahubali in English will be released in a grand way in India and all around the globe. Official confirmation of the news from Arka Media Works is awaited.



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