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At The Stroke of 8.30, Madhuri Signs Off

Madhuri Dixit-Nene is now the judge of a very popular dance show. TRPs are high and she and her colleagues are much appreciated for their roles. But the entire unit follows one norm strictly.

We are told Madhuri is very particular about her cut off time.

Known to be a thorough professional, she puts in her best when she is on sets, but once it’s 8.30 pm, nothing can stop her from going home.

A mother of two boys, Madhuri made it very clear in her contract that she will not be available for shooting after 8.30 pm. Also, Madhuri is known for being very particular about her dos and don’ts. 

Apparently, she is disciplined when it comes to her sign-in time. Now, isn’t that a good work ethic. Little wonder, she was the numero uno during her stint in films.



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