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Arjun Reddy... Move Over Emraan Hashmi

Well, Emraan Hashmi can now probably take a break. There was a time when he was considered to be Bollywood's 'kisser'. But now, our Tollywood has it's very own 'kisser'.

If the amount of controversy created by the kissing poster was not enough, one must watch the entire film to realize that the kiss in the poster is nothing compared to the film in totality.

The film has an overload of kisses and explicit cuss words. Of course, the audio has been muted whenever cuss words are used, still one can feel the undertone.

Ever since the film began, the makers have been insisting that the film needed that kind of language and of course the kisses. So, the film does not disappoint in that aspect.

The film held premiere shows on Thursday night and the youth totally connected with the film as expected. However, sitting through 3 hours and 1 minute does feel a bit tedious.

One cannot help wondering how the likes of Congressman V Hanumantha Rao will react to the movie considering that he tore down the poster of the film and called it a bad influence on youngsters.



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