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Arjun Reddy Heroine Creates Drama in Nellore!

Shalini Pandey is now a rage among youth thanks to the phenomenal success of "Arjun Reddy". Shalini, who is new to the film industry, experienced first-hand the craze she now has.

On Wednesday morning, she had to create a scene to escape from hundreds of people who mobbed her to get a close look of this beauty. All this happened in Nellore, where Shalini was to inaugurate a mobile showroom.

Now, being surrounded by a lot of people can be rather frightening, especially when they try to get close to get a glimpse and starting calling out one's name.

So, the smart girl immediately acted ill. She was immediately rushed out on a stretcher as she nearly fainted out of fear.

However, once in the safety of her car, Shalini was her normal self again. Apparently, she did not have enough bouncers and that scared her out.

Though the local media reported she had a bout of food poisoning, the truth eventually came out.



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