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'Arjun Reddy' Collects $7,39,617 USD In Overseas

Arjun Reddy has been creating ripples at the box office. The film was released on Thursday night with paid premieres and is running to packed houses since then.

Glowing reviews and wonderful word of mouth added fuel to the craze that is surrounding the film prior to its release.

Arjun Reddy has catapulted itself into the league of top-grossing flicks in spite of being made on a shoestring budget.

#ArjunReddy Saturday reported gross $280k [79 locs] and total gross $7,39,617

Daily Collections in USA

2017-08-24 - $194,051 
2017-08-25 - $265,140 
2017-08-26 - $280,426



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