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Anushka Lagging Behind Nayanathara in Money!

Anushka Lagging Behind Nayanathara in Money!

Why Anushka Shetty is not earning much money despite so many hits in her kitty? Even today, all filmmakers who dream of making huge VFX extravagant movies first approach Anushka. Still, she is not being paid much compared to what Nayanathara is getting in Kollywood. 

Nayanathara is demanding 3 Cr rupees for each movie as her remuneration and also getting the same. Her demands are being accepted by the Kollywood filmmakers, where as Anushka is getting in the range of Rs 2 Cr per movie.

She received Rs 2.25 Cr for lady-oriented graphical horror comedy movie "Bhagmati". That was the highest amount she was paid for a movie other than "Baahubali"

Unlike Nayanathara, Anushka has market and popularity in all South Indian languages and she is also known to Bollywood audiences post "Baahubali" and "Arundhati". Yet, makers are not giving her much beyond Rs 2 Cr. Why? 

Insiders say, Anushka lags behind Nayanathara in popularity in youth male audiences. Nayanathara is said to be seen as sex symbol too in Tamilnadu but Anushka is considered more as an auntie. Anushka doesn't guarantee openings on her name.

"Size Zero/Inji Iduppazhagi" have failed to bring in openings in both Telugu and Tamil markets. On the other hand, Nayanathara can attract mass and youth audiences.

So that is the difference between Anushka and Nayanathara, the former lacks sexy appeal compared to the latter.



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