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Anushka Does It For Free For Nag

Just about everyone knows that Anushka looks up to Nagarjuna and she is totally fond of the Akkineni family.

Ever since she debuted with Super in 2005, Anushka has had lots of respect and affection for Nagarjuna.

And she has always said that Nag is very special to her. So, given her past, she can never say no to Nag and as a token of respect for all the help he has done, Anushka is doing a special role in the film Oopiri, just for Nag.

In the film, Nag plays a business magnet who loses his legs in an accident. To be directed by Vamsi Paidipalli, the film is loosely based on French hit The intouchables.

Karthi and Tamanna play other important characters. And if you haven't guessed already, Anushka will put in a cameo as Nag's ex-lover in the film.

It is said that Nag had suggested Anushka to the makers who then approached her and she is said to have given her nod almost instantly.



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