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Anushka Continues to Shock Us

Anushka Continues to Shock Us

If there is one actor today who looks drastically different on screen and off the screen, then it is Anushka. Due to various reasons, Anushka is facing weight issues.

She has tried many methods to lose the flab but all her efforts have turned unfruitful. Still, she is looking leaner, slightly slimmer in movies. How?

In recently released “Bhaagamathie” too, Anushka looked quite lean on screen compared to her real look.

It was because the makers corrected her physical frame with the usage of latest technology. Similar to what Rajamouli did for many sequences in “Baahubali 2”.

She was recently spotted at the success meet of “Bhaagamathie” and the pre-release event of “Awe” and she looked anything but lean. We cannot blame her.

She did the mistake of putting on weight for the role for “Size Zero” which resulted in health issues and now her weight has plateaued. One mistake has cost her ‘heavily’.

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