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Another Muthaiah Shock To Telugu Viewers!

Tamil director Muthaiah has scared the Telugu audiences with his recently dubbed film – Rayudu. It was a dubbed version of Tamil film Marudu starring Vishal as hero.

This dubbed Tamil film has almost terrified the Telugu audiences as it was too raw for them, though it appeared closer to reality. Marudhu might have appealed to the Tamil audience, but their Telugu counterparts did not relish the dubbed version for the simple reason that it had Tamil rural background and the artistes were completely new faces who had no connections with the Telugu film industry.

Now, Muthaiah is coming out with yet another film, this time with Suriya, who had a tremendous following in Telugu film industry.

Suriya is keen on doing the film with Muthaiah, soon after the completion of his ongoing projects. Ironically, this film, too, is based on the story with a Tamil rural background and Suriya is going to play a typical rural youth character.

This sounds similar to Rayudu for the Telugu audiences. It remains to be seen how they receive Muthaiah’s film with Suriya as hero.



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