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Another Movie, Another Disaster, What Next?

Another Movie, Another Disaster, What Next?

Star director Puri Jagannadh’s hopes of bouncing back with Mehbooba came crashing down as the film tanked at the box office.

Puri Jagan launched his son Akash Puri as lead actor when he is not able to get the dates of other heroes.

He changed his template a bit and tried to do something new in Mehbooba, but he is let down by an underdeveloped script yet again.

Mehbooba had an interesting setup, but couldn’t engage the audience because of poor screenplay and storytelling.

Puri and his team are still trying to boost the collections of Mehbooba, but that isn’t working. The film is unanimously rejected by all sections of audience which is reflecting in its theatrical revenue.

The film has cost nearly Rs. 20 crore for Puri and he will be losing more than sixty percent of the investment even after selling all rights of Mehbooba, say trade sources.

It is a huge hit for Puri as he invested his own money into it.

With Mehbooba turning out to be a disaster and with no prominent heroes willing to work with him at the moment, what is going to be Puri’s next step?

Puri Jagan is not the one who likes to sit idle at home. He loves to keep himself busy with work all the time.

Wonder if he finds any producers and actors to come forward to work with him after a series of disastrous movies.



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