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Anil Ravipudi Preparing Final Script for NTR?

Young and successful director Anil Ravipudi is said to have got nod from NTR. NTR rejected two stories Anil Ravipudi narrated earlier but finally gave his agreement to his third story and asked him to develop it into a full script and narrate again.

Although NTR liked this third "story", he wants to know the total picture from start to end in detail. And NTR reportedly gave him 15 days to develop it so that he would take a final call.

Currently Ravipudi is said to have taken a room in a private hotel and is working on that in a fast pace.

Anil Ravipudi, director of hits like "Pataas" and "Supreme", first approached NTR on the suggestion of Dil Raju and told him the story of blind person taking vengeance.

He prepared this story for Ram but when Ram turned down it, he went to NTR with the same story. When NTR also said no, he told him another story, which is an out and out masala movie. But NTR doesn't want to do logic-less masala movies now. So he rejected that too but gave him option to come up with another story and Ravipudi did come with third story.  

Now the onus is on Ravipudi to prepare tight full-length script that appeals NTR. If he does, NTR's next film will be directed Ravipudi in Dil Raju's production.



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