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Anasuya Receives Backlash for Her Act

Anasuya Receives Backlash for Her Act

Jabardasth beauty Anasuya is darling of the controversies. She regularly hits headlines. And when she receives backlash, she threatens to quit social media.

Anasuya did the same after the controversy erupted over her statements against Vijay Devarakonda. 

She has done it again when entire social media attacked her inhuman act of breaking a mobile phone of a woman when her small kid tried to take a selfie with Anasuya.

With mounting criticism, Anasuya gave feeble excuse that people didn't understand her properly and she said she now needs detox from social media.

She tweeted, " I am surprised and actually taken aback at the way how rebellious people have become towards me without any awareness of truth. I confess..its hurtful. I think we need to take break. Much love to all of those who believe in me and support me. Untill next time #socialDetox".

It all started with the video that went viral. In the video, it is clear that Anasuya threw mobile phone of a woman who tried to capture her picture in Tarnaka in Hyderabad.

The woman and her small kid came to her to take a selfie with her. But she refused to oblige for a selfie. Then they tried to capture her pic on their mobile and irritated Anasuya threw the mobile away resulting breaking of the mobile's screen. The woman later complained to police

As the kid seems to be less than 10 years and the woman is just a commoner with modest background, people have pointed out Anasuya's pogaru. This rattled her. Let's see how long she gets detoxed before returning to post her sexy pics.



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