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Anando Brahma Trailer: Horror Comedy With A Twist

Anando Brahma Trailer: Horror Comedy With A Twist

Almost all the horror comedies have similar setup like a group of people going to an abandoned haunted house and the situations that follow.

We have seen many such horror comedies in recent years and a few of them went on to become huge blockbusters.

Audience however got bored of watching similar stories again and again that recent films in the genre didn’t click at the box office. However, director Mahi V. Raghav is once again coming up with a horror comedy, but with a twist.

Usually humans get scared of the devils and souls, but in Anando Brahma the scenario is reversed. Devils get scared of humans!

The trailer of Anando Brahma stresses on this point, but besides that twist, everything about the horror comedy looks the same.

A haunted house, a leading lady, a group of comedians, jump scares and comedy! There is not much to rave about the trailer but it sounds unique which should attract the attention of genre lovers.

Taapsee, Srinivasa Reddy, Vennela Kishore and Shakalaka Shankar are playing the main leads in Anando Brahma that is gearing up for release on Aug 18.



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