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An Interview Gone Wrong

When you manage to rope in a celebrity for an interview, it is equally important to have a competent anchor as befitting the stature of the guest.

CVR Channel somehow managed to get an interview with Ram Gopal Varma. But they chose an anchor for the reason that she was supposed to be proficient in English and hence could do justice to her role.

The anchor was ‘Shwetha’. By the by, she is none other than the anchor of NTV. Shwetha was a distant relative of Maddelacheruvu Suri and was linked to Bhanu Kiran following Suri’s murder. Embarrassed at the negative publicity, NTV booted her out. She has now joined CVR. 

Coming to her interview with RGV, her routine questions so irked RGV that he told her that he had answered such questions many times in the past. Whereupon, Shwetha said that he was a difficult person to interview.

To this RGV said that the person who was interviewing him needed to have a certain amount of logic. When Shwetha was even unable to understand his answers given by him then what could he do and what should he speak on. Shwetha had to content herself with a sarcastic smile!



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