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Allu Arjun's Stern Advice To Harish

Allu Arjun does not seem to be in a mood to start his film with director Harish Shankar immediately. He has postponed the regular shoot once again from August to September. 

Harish Shankar has been asked to fine tune the script before they go to the sets.

“Don’t do the same mistake of ‘Ramayya Vastavayya’ that you did with NTR to me. Concentrate on script,” Allu Arun is said to have told Harish Shankar. The director is known for trying to impress heroes and focus more on that aspect during the shooting process. 

The story of “Ramayya Vastavayya” is almost same as of Boyapati directed Allu Arjun’s movie “Sarrainodu” but the former was flop and the latter became a huge blockbuster.

Allu Arjun reportedly pointed this and told Harish how to tell the movie better and work on finer aspects of script. So the film that is scheduled to begin in the second week of August has now been rescheduled to September.

This is crucial film to Harish Shankar’s career. If this movie doesn’t become successful, he may not find big heroes to do further movies. Hence Harish too is said to be working on bettering the script even before the movie goes the sets.



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