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All This Hungama Only For Hits And Likes?

The hungama for mega star Chiranjeevi’s 150th film is at its peak. Efforts are in full swing to create a big hype for the film by taking up innovative publicity campaign.

According to reports, the first look of the film is being released on August 22, coinciding with the birthday of Chiranjeevi. Yet, the title of the film has not been announced. There were reports that the title Kathilantodu, suggested by director V V Vinayak, has not been confirmed.

It is not sure whether the title would be announced on August 22 or it would only be the release of first look. Interestingly, efforts are on to create hype even for the first look. This is because of the craze for getting maximum number of likes and hits for the first look in YouTube. Already, fans are comparing the craze for heroes like Mahesh Babu, NTR etc. depending on the number of hits they get per hour and days.

However, a hero would get hits on YouTube only if the teaser of his film is released. If it is only the first look, his fans should make a video of the same and post it on the YouTube. If Chiranjeevi’s film has to get so many hits, it has to be given so much hype for the first look.

That is precisely why Chiranjeevi fans have started creating a hype. Already, Varun Teja released a byte saying the first look of Chiranjeevi film would be out on August 22 and that he was eagerly waiting for the same.

So, in the next four days, all the mega heroes will come out with their bytes on the megastar movie. But does it get hits on YouTube? Wait.



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