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Akshay Kumar is not a villain in 2.0

It looks like Akshay isn’t the bad guy in 2.0, after all. A team member from the Shankar’s directorial venture says, “Akshay is not a villain in 2.0. The costume and prosthetics suggest he plays a ferocious character. And he does!  But Akshay’s role as 

Dr. Richard is fighting for the right causes. He struggles against forces that have plundered and  devastated the earth.”

The source, adds that all the rough edges in the anti-hero’s character were removed when Akshay Kumar jumped in.

“It was never a villainous part even when it was offered to Kamal Haasan. Once Akshay came in, even the hints of negativity were removed as they clashed with his image of the national hero,” claims the source.



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