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Akhil's Hello: Vikram Kumar Shoots Up Budget

Akhil's Hello: Vikram Kumar Shoots Up Budget

Akhil’s second film “Hello” is progressing at brisk pace, albeit in a tensed manner. The film is being produced by Nagarjuna for his son, but talk is that Vikram Kumar is making the film on his terms.

Nagarjuna has given freedom to Vikram Kumar to deliver the best for his son, but he has started worrying about the increasing budget as Vikram Kumar has already used the money set aside for the film. Large portions of the film are yet to be shot and Nagarjuna will have to pump in more money now.

Vikram Kumar, one of the most talented directors in south India thanks to his quirky film-making style, is not compromising on anything.

Nagarjuna is worried that he may not recover investment if the director keeps on shooting up the budget. For now, Nag has shifted his complete focus towards this movie sacrificing his own film assignments.

Vikram Kumar reshot some portions as per Nag’s suggestions during “Manam” and took all the inputs from him, but now the director is going ahead with his own vision and not heeding to Nag’s suggestions. This has caused lot of tension on the sets, a source confides.

“Hello” is second film for Akhil Akkineni as hero and he needs a hit with this one. His maiden film was a box-office disaster.

“Hello” introduces director Priyadarshan’s daughter Kalyani as heroine. Since December happens to be the lucky month for Nagarjuna, the release date of Hello has been set for December 22.



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